Friday, 14 June 2013

Appreciating Brands!

I do like to start a lot of my blogs with a similar sentence to this one but... it has been AGES since I posted on here!!!! Just a year. Only a little while... :s

A lot has changed since I last posted and I have some cute knitting projects to show you. But first...

...back to a point I'd like to discuss! So I'm not meaning to sound like a hippie (not that that's a bad thing) but I'm not a huge fan of large corporations.  None the less there are some that just need to be appreciated and get me hooked, even though I try not to go crazy over them. Today I thought I'd just give them a little shout out to show my love!

What a lovely company. So lovely I spent a year working for them! Against animal testing and uses natural ingredients and safe synthetics. Fun and happy and honest. I love them! Also their products just REALLY works for my hair and skin. I love the Henna on my hair and I own WAY too many bathbombs and bubble bars! This is one box of 6!

I'm so English it hurts! I just can't get enough floral print and matching accessories. My handbag looks like the Chelsea Flower Show vomited all over and inside it. My purse, coin purse, oyster card holder and makeup bag all match. It's sad really!

I get so goose pimply in Laura Ashley! My bed is the THE MOST AMAZING (deserving of all those capitals) Laura Ashley bed in the world. Not a huge fan of their clothes but their home section is wonderful.

Yes I'm 26 and I have the bedroom of a 5 year old. I'm making the most of it ;-)

The link to the website says it better than I do but I just love how my projects turn out with this wool!

So pretty. I love how squidgy the texture is! Scrunch scrunch. Talking of pretties check these out:
Aren't they lovely. My first pair of lace socks. I did a ribbed pair of socks before but they were a little large (then were felted to a little small whoopsy) so these are my first proper pair of socks that fit well and I'm very proud of the finished result. The pattern is Glynis from Sock Innovation by Cookie A and I used Rowan RYC Cashsoft Baby DK in a pretty Lilac colour. This means they are soft and lovely to wear around the house. I don't think I could dare to wear them out. I think I need to knit a lot more socks so I am happy to wear them out hehe!
Other than these lovelies, my knitting needles have been very silent as of late but I am hoping to get started on a new project. Just need to decide on a pattern and yarn!
Any suggestions?
P.s. here's my finished embroidery too!...
Now can someone please tell me what I can actually do with this?


CeltChick said...

Thank you for commenting on my Bunny Hop! As to your embroidery, I'd suggest using it to cover a cushion -- it would look lovely on your bed. Oh my, socks do sing a siren song, don't they? And there are elebenty-billion free patterns out there for socks. Good luck picking one!